moMoneyAlert$       (momentum Monitor equity Alerts)
The moMoneyAlerts program enables you to create multiple watch lists of equities and monitor their price/volume data.

In addition, alert parameters can be setup to highlight the price of equities whose price and projected volume for the session fall within user defined ranges.

While moMoneyAlerts can be used as a simple stock watch list, maximum benefit is derived when it is used as a tool for momemtum or swing trading
(buying when there is a price increase with above average volume).

The importance of volume in breakouts.


  • Increase returns by never missing breakouts.
  • Does not require additional fees for quote services.
  • Easily monitor a few hundred stocks.
  • Reduce data entry time by importing stock screens from IBD® (
        (requires trial or subscription)


  • User entered alert parameters for:
    • Buy Points
    • Price Range (+/- % of Buy Point)
    • Projected Volume % Increase for trading session.
  • Price/volume data is retrieved over the internet with a 15-20 minute delay.
  • Real-time data for the 3 major indexes..
  • Settings stored in text files that can be easily:
    • backed up
    • transported between computers
  • Fast light-weight program for your desktop, laptop, or netbook.

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