moMoneyAlert$™ (MOmentum MONitor EquitY Alerts)

The moMoneyAlerts program enables you to create watch lists of equities and monitor their price/volume data.
In addition, alert parameters can be setup to highlight the price of equities whose price and projected volume for the session fall within user defined ranges.

The price/volume data for symbols in the grid are retrieved over the internet from Yahoo Finance.
The Yahoo data feed is real-time for indexes and approximately 20 min. delay for equities.
Symbols for indices can be found at Yahoo!® Finance:

* * * Warning * * *
As of August 2010, Yahoo!® Finance no longer returns data for the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI).
Please do NOT use this symbol!
Yahoo does not return an error - just blank data - so subsequent Symbol data after ^DJI will be off 1 row.

Due to this problem, the 3 major indices (DJI, S&P 500, Nasdaq) are now pulled from Google Finance and are displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the application window. This data is real-time.


Start moMoneyAlerts by clicking on the desktop icon or select it from the Windows start menu.
A default "Indexes" tab with a few indicies and equities is loaded.
To load sample Settings(equity symbols, Buy Points, Alert parameters):
     Click on "Settings" in the menu bar.
     Click on "Import Sample" at the bottom of the drop-down.

Refreshing price/volume data can be done 3 ways:
  1. Clicking the "Refresh" button        
  2. Keyboard: Ctrl-R
  3. Changing tabs
There is no timed or automatic update of data.
NOTE: each of these actions also updates the indicies in the upper right-hand corner.

Add a tab:
     Enter a tab name into the text box at top of screen.
     Click the "Add Tab" button.     A new empty tab will be added to the tab list.
     NOTE:  Prefixing a tab name letter with an '&' will allow a 'Alt-?' hotkey for tab navigation.
          Warning: using the menu bar letters 'F', 'H', etc. will confuse the program.

Add a symbol:
     Enter the equity symbol into the text box at top of the screen.
     Click the "Add Symbol" button or press alt-Y.      The symbol will be added to the 1st empty row.
     Click "Refresh" button or press Ctrl-R to update the price/volume.

Delete Symbol - select Symbol by clicking on it - click "Remove Symbol" button.
Delete Tab - select the tab by clicking on it - click "Remove Tab" button.

Updatable fields in the grid have a light green background.
Clicking the "Get Names" button or keyboard Ctrl-N will populate the Symbol tool tips with the equity name.
Roll the mouse over the Symbol to see the equity name.

 Import IBD    
     Screens import the IBD 50 and other stock screens - (See Helpful Hints below).
 Exitexit the program (you will be prompted to save settings).
 Buy Point 1set the Price range and Vol%Proj to be exceeded to trigger an alert.
 Openopens an .ini settings file from the standard location on local disk.
 Savesaves an .ini settings file to the standard location.
     (indicated in status bar at bottom of screen after Save)
 Importopens an .ini settings file using file explorer.
    Note: Windows XP location: \Application Data\Bogue Media\moMoneyAlerts.ini
               Vista: \AppData\Roaming\Bogue Media\moMoneyAlerts.ini
 AboutmoMoneyAlerts version
 About QtQt library version
 Helpdisplays the ReadMe.html (what your're reading now).

* * * Warning * * *
     Settings/Save will ALWAYS REPLACE the settings .ini file in the standard location on the local hard drive!
     Using Settings/Import to load an .ini settings file and then clicking Settings/Save or the "Save" prompt will REPLACE
          whatever was previously saved in the standard location on the local hard drive.
     It does NOT automatically re-write the file that was imported.
     As always, backup any important files on your hard drive.

Column     Description
Symbolequity symbol based on Yahoo finance symbols
Pricemost recent updated price
Chg$change in price from prior close
Chg%change in % from prior close
BuyPtBuy Point entered by you
ButPt%% above/below BuyPt
Vol%current volume % compared to 6-month average
Vol%Proj   based on current volume, the projected % of 6-month average at market close.
40% above avg volume will show as 140%.
The volume is projected for the normal market session (9:30am - 4pm EST/EDT).
After the close, Vol% and Vol%Proj will be the same.
Good earnings, good news, institutional buying, etc. will often spike the number early in the session and it will fade as the session progresses.
It is important to check WHY the volume is up.
Timemarket time of last price/volume
(Yahoo data feed is real-time for indexes and approx 20 min. delay for equities)
Datemarket date of last price/volume (mutual funds will often be prior day)

Helpful Hints

Momentum Trading Primer
    Select Equities based on Fundamental Analysis using periodicals, broker, financial advisor.
    Determine Buy Points using Technical Analysis charts like
    Buy selected equities that reach determined Buy Point on above average volume.
    Sell if breakout fails or gains reach 15-25% in 1 to 8 weeks.

Settings (.ini) file management
To use the same settings on multiple computers:
    Use email or USB drive to transfer the Settings file saved in the standard location on your local hard drive.
        (Clicking menu Settings/Save shows the file location in the status bar at the bottom of the window).
    On the new computer, use Settings/Import to load the transferred settings on that computer.
    Clicking menu Settings/Save will then save it to the standard location on the local hard drive.

Portfolio Tracking
    Create one or more tabs named "Port-XX".
    Add Symbols from your portfolio with average stock price for the Buy Point.
    Monitor gain/loss % like a watch list.

Importing an IBD® screen
    Go to the IBD® web site (Screen Center or IBD 50):
    Go to the IBD 50 list or Screen Center
    Click on "Export / To Text"
In moMoneyAlerts:
    Enter "IBD50" or approriate name into the text box at the top of the screen.
    Click the "Add Tab" button.
    Click the new "IBD50" tab.
    Go to menu File / Import IBD Screens.
    Find the downloaded file "IBD_50.txt" with file explorer.
        The grid Symbol column should populate with the IBD 50 symbols.
    Enter Buy Point prices if you have them.
    Click the "Refresh" icon or Ctrl-R to update the price/volume columns.
    Click on the "Vol%Proj" to sort the list by volume.

Yahoo! is a registered trademark of Yahoo!, Inc.       IBD is a registered trademark of Investor's Business Daily, Inc.

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