moMoneyAlert$™ (MOmentum MONitor EquitY Alerts)

Lite version

 What platforms are supported?
 The program was developed with the Sencha Touch HTML5 library which supports the following platforms:
 While the program will run on many platforms, the optimal platform is a tablet.
 Both 7 and 10-inch tablets such as the iPads, Nexus 7, and Samsung tablets work very well!
 There are 2 sets of screen formats, one for phones and the other for larger devices.
 The program may also run on more recent versions of the Kindle and Nook.

 Where is the data stored?
 The data is stored locally on your computer in an area managed by your browser (a feature of HTML5).
 The data is restricted to access by programs only from the domain.
 The program does NOT access your Google or iTunes accounts.
 The program only transmits stock symbols to get price/volume data.

 Where does the stock price and volume data come from?
 The stock price and volume data is pulled from free sources on the internet.  All tabs now pull price data in real-time.
 The Watch list volume data is delayed 15 - 20 minutes.

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